‘Awaken Your Senses’  Music CD


This original work  was commissioned by International best selling authors Margo Anand and Philip Johncock as a workbook for ‘Skydancing Tantra’.. Enjoy alone or with friends and loved ones!‘Awaken Your Senses’ music featuring the dynamic Performance group Mandra is an incredible CD of original instrumental music designed To take you on a magical journey into the Inner world of the Senses (sound, smell, Taste, touch and sight). Perfect for Massage, Meditation or Yoga. Included with the music CD are instructions for creating your own ‘Awaken Your Senses’ celebration at home or a workshop setting. Full length samples below.

Cost: $10 > CD with instructions for your own workshop  – Click here to buy  CD!  Allow 5 to 7 days For delivery.

~ Clik DVD for ‘StorySongs from the Soul of the American West’. Sample top right window.


Listen free: Buy: $.99 per track

  1. Track 1 – Journey WithinClick here to buy & download – Sample:
  2. Track 2 – Sonic Wonder Click here to buy & download – Sample:
  3. Track 3 – Aromatic Splendor – Click here to buy & download – Sample:
  4. Track 4 – Flavors of Delight – Click here to buy & download – Sample:
  5. Track 5 – Loving Touch – Click here to buy & download – Sample:
  6. Track 6 – Hearts Embrace – Click here to buy & download – Sample:
  7. Track 7 – Celebrate Click here to buy & download – Sample: 

The ‘Awaken Your Senses’ music is magical.  Jane Rubenstein ~ Reno Nevada