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Adam-portraitThis Blog  is my personal way of acknowledging and paying tribute to an old friend that inspired a life change at a time when mine had little meaning or Soul left.

In 1981 i found myself in an unlikely place in life. I was invited to a Purification Sweat  on the Paiute~Shoshone Stillwater reservation in Fallon Nevada. Ive been clean and sober ever since that day. For me it was a ‘Good Day to Die’; to anger and grief and to the ignorance that harbored fearful belief. The rest is history and after offering a  few highlights from His illustrious career as an Author, Artisan & Activist, I would love to share a link below, to a very personal interview with Adam in the comfort of his home doing what he does so well ~  Storytelling.                          

First Some highlights :



By Andrea Graham
15 March 2011

Although he is a Chippewa from Minnesota, Adam Fortunate Eagle has become an established artist in Nevada’s Native American community.

At his home on Fallon’s Stillwater Reservation he has a well-equipped shop and a gallery where he makes and shows his stone carvings. Although he creates some contemporary sculptures, Fortunate Eagle developed his stone-working skills on traditional pipes, made from a red stone that is quarried in Minnesota. Blanks are roughed out with a hacksaw, and then shaped with files, sandpaper and steel wool to a smooth finish. He often carves animal figures into his pipes as well. The pipe is completed with a wooden stem, which is usually decorated with beadwork.

DSC_0389 (1)

Fortunate Eagle taught two of his grandsons the art of pipe making. Each made one to use in his manhood ceremony, which involved a sweat lodge ceremony, spiritual teachings from their grandfather, and a night spent alone on a desert mountain. For Fortunate Eagle, pipe making is “more than just teaching kids the craft, it’s teaching them a culture.”

Adam Fortunate Eagle received a Governor’s Arts Award in 1996.

Geographic Area: Northern Nevada›Churchill County›Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe.    See more:  http://tinyurl.com/hvkwlme


A Contrary Warrior ~

Adam Fortunate Eagle,  longtime Fallon area resident and Native Rights activist was recognized April 9tMV5BNTE2MDE3OTIxNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTk4MzA2MDE@._V1_UY268_CR9,0,182,268_AL_h 2010 at the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver when “Contrary Warrior: The Life and Times of Adam Fortunate Eagle,” receives the Rising Star award.

StorylineAn intimate film portrait of one of our most important and influential contemporary Native American activist and artist, told in his own words. Directed by John Ferry, the Lillimar Pictures film is a feature-length documentary about the influential Native American activist. The film has previously won the Audience Award at the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and the Platinum Reel Award at the Nevada International Film Festival in Las Vegas. “I’m very honored,” said Fortunate Eagle. “It’s unbelievable at this stage in my life I’m still receiving these kinds of recognitions both nationally and now internationally. I’m still chugging along. I still make news, and even though I’m an old geezer, I’m still the  “Contrary Warrior.”  

John Ferry Director~ http://tinyurl.com/hpbvh4k



contrary_warriorPhoto 7 Contrary Warrior

Taking Alcatraz

By Tiburon International Film Festival
SATURDAY, APRIL 9 2016  1:30 ~ 3:00PM

On November 20, 1969 a group of Native Americans landed on Alcatraz Island and claimed it as their own. They stayed for 19 months. While the media reported every move and the government fought to stop them, families moved in, thousands of supporters visited or sent supplies, and drums beat far into the night. After centuries of seeing their land stolen from them, Native Americans seized the rocky island and held on to it. Alcatraz became a symbol of hope, inspiration and change for Indian people everywhere.

John Ferry [director]~ Screening: Lightning In The Hand.  Amazon DVD ~ http://tinyurl.com/zb8rfyd

He’s an artist, an activist, a writer, a statesman, a storyteller, and a trickster” said Ferry. “All the pieces fit together. He’’s one of our American Gems “

Adam Fortunate Eagle & Director John Ferry on location in Nevada, Photo- Lillimar Picturesdt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls

 Adam’s Round House Museum Photos ~ http://tinyurl.com/z2uqg69


Wikipedia link to Adam’s ~Bibliography with References & Works’


Quote:  7 Gifts to Guide our Path in life ~

Love, Wisdom, Respect, Bravery, Truth, Compassion & Humility.

Adam Fortunate Eagle 

Amazon S3 Link to interview with Adam at his home in Fallon 2016.


* Post Scriptjim%20drumMA16960503-0005

James Roscoe Smith 3rd was the son of a Missouri farm boy and an upcountry girl from Schenectady New York, who eventually made their home in Santa Monica California where Jim was born and raised untill he moved to the ‘Valley’ and learned to play guitar and sing . Relocating to Reno began a new life where he discovered many spiritual paths that expanded his pallette of eclectic music, poetry and storytelling that is summarized in his Kindle book on Amazon Summer 2016 titled “It’s A Good Day to Die”:   In addition, his re mix of ‘Under One Sky’, inspired by the Artist Resident at Nevada State Museum in Carson City Nevada in 2003,  opened on CD Baby in May 2016 with performing artist and collaborator Eric Ray, Cherokee Flute player and studio engineer from Redding California. The song recieved a nomination  at the ‘Indian Summer Music Awards’ in August.  From the Heart of a Cowboy to the Spirit of the Indian sums up the feelings Jim brings to most of the songs in this genre. He is known by friends in the Reno ~ Tahoe area as Jim Eaglesmith and his given spiritual name Little Flower Eagle.

Post Script ~

Listen to ~ ‘Under One  Sky’

In 1992 after a rites of passage experience through four seasons in a remote area of Palamino Valley near Pyramid Lake, I was initiated with Fire Element & Hummingbird Medicine with the responsibility to move forward in loving service toward that auspicious 2012 Solar Eclipse and subsequent Winter Solstice. That 20 year passage termed the ‘Age of Flowers’ began the “New Golden Age of Light”.  Jose Arguelles of Inca Prophecy tells of the Solstice when the Condor of the South flies with the Eagle of the North, a new day will awaken. The South represents Trust and Innocence, the North Wisdom and Gratitude. The Elders say to remember to pass this on to the Children and reunite ‘Family Values544882_10151726653415015_1340588931_n‘ again. Their Sun/Son will be a new Light!  In Mayan Myth the Hummingbird flies through the ‘Black Sun’  and returns as the Great Condor heralding  the 5th World. Atecs believe the G-d of Music and Poetry took the form of the Hummingbird and went to the underworld to make love to a goddess who gave birth to the first Flower. Hummingbird solves the contradiction of Duality and teaches us to hover in the present moment and appreciate it’s Sweetness. A Pele lineage Kahuna in Maui shared with me her name; ‘Pua’ which in Hawaiian means ‘Flower’ and they regard all the children on the Islands as Living Flowers. Aho, Aloha, Amen!






Sunday January 15th 2017  is our Annual Interfaith Community Memorial Service for Dr (Michael) Martin Luther King Jr . This years Theme is “Freedom & Justice for Change”. Sponsoring the event is the Nevada Clergy Association and their Northern Nevada Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Committee. On Monday we celebrate the 17th the Annual Caravan along the Martin Luther King Jr Highway led by Angelo Cooper from 2nd Baptist Church.  This years event is hosted by Rev larry Holloway at Bethel AME Church, 2655 Rock Blvd, Sparks Nevada. Arrive early for social with event beginning at 3pm.

unnamed (1)Our Thanks to Rev. Neal T. Anderson at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for their loving support last year. Rev Anderson will be speaking at the service. Neal believes there is a deep cost to life when humans behave in ways that do not honor the relational bonds of life and an understanding of the Sacredness of all.

Our dsc_0092Keynote speaker is Imam Abdul Barghouti from Northern Nevada Muslim Community who will deliver a poignant and timely message to our ‘Theme’ for all of us to consider deeply. Now is your chance to get to know Islam from the leader of your local Muslim community. Barghouthi has gladly stepped forward to speak candidly on Islam as the religion has, once again, found itself in the public eye.

In addition, Guest speaker Commander Oliver Miller from Reno Police Department shares his perspective on this Theme as well as his personal message about Policing trends in our community.  When Mimillerller is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family. As a thirty-five year resident of the Reno/Sparks community, he understands the value and importance of building community trust and partnerships.

I personally remember watching (Michael) Martin Luther King’s passing at St Joseph’s Hospital near Memphis on April 4th. The memory is vivid as I was born on April 4th in St Joseph’s Hospital in Culver City, Los Angeles, and that night my wife and baby boy were celebrating my 22nd birthday. We added an extra candle to the cake that night.   King’s message was based on virtues like Love, Integrity, Courage, Service and Respect, and modeled after Jesus’ ‘Golden Rule,’ & Ghandi’s ‘Peace and Compassionate Service’.
I am honored to close our event with my song ‘Under One Sky’ et al.

mangelouI also like to respectfully remember Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, and one of my favorite authors Maya Angelou who’s B’day was April 4th!


My personal hero growing up Muhammad Ali , who wrote to King privately: “In your struggle for freedom, justice and equality, I am with you”. Ali passed away peacefully last Summer. Ali’s Birthday was January 17th which fell on last years event. Al Hamdulillah!images

Lewis_imgMy honorable mention goes to the 5th District Congressman of Georgia, John Lewis  who is today a living legend. Google his very impressive biography!
”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.  John Lewis.


2014-SPM-Gene_Thanksgiving_Eve_DSC_7035s-FuellingS-300x199Congratulations to Right Reverend Gene Savoy, Jr.. receiving this years recipient of the ‘Onie Cooper Humanitarian Award!  And special thanks to the International Community of Christ Church, his family, staff and committee members for their efforts into making this event an auspicious and Heartfelt experience for all of us, including their ongoing devotion to the Spiritual Integrity of our Homeland.

In closing, I am reminded of how many wonderful gatherings and organizations this Biggest Little Conscious Community. We Are King’s ‘Beloved Community’, and we Are His ‘Living Dream’. Let’s all build on what and where we are in this moment as there is always more to do for this “Love inProgress”.

And finally; He argued passionately for progressive change, economic and gender equality. He rejected discrimination against Muslim Americans, lambasted those who deny global warming is real and said “democracy can buckle when we give in to fear.” His presidential slogan was;  “It’s about Change; Change We Can Believe In”
“He said to his First Lady Michele; “You took on a role you didn’t ask for and made it your own with grace and grit and style and good humor,”. Michele Obama is the most respected woman in my own personal memory. She is formost among my two other iconic Women, Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy. I trust Dr King is praising G-d while watching down on this auspicious moment in history. Even He may not have envisioned a Black Presidency in His ‘Dream’!




Enjoy my Theme Song  ~ ‘Power of Goodwill’



Optional personal footnotes:



My Spoken Word Poem dedicated to our Youth.

“This is your Brain on Love”.

Tearfull Fearfull I’ve had an earful

Of apple pie in the dirty sky Full of careless lies my eyes

are looking for truth our Youth need a sweet tooth

for selfless loving kindness behind us is your life of strife

ahead is a life with class don’t ask what your country

can do for you but what you can do for Truth

There’s No hope for dope .. it’s a short rope
Remember Ali.. the butterfly and the Bee
He fought for Unity and Kings Beloved Community
Don’t look at me in that tone of voice
Its a choice.. and your voice.. of reason is in season
so find something you Believe in.

Don’t clown around what goes around Is around
Now is the time to get behind a purpose driven life without strife
Or distractions from those coming attractions

Take the High road and Unload your fears for free
find your true self for us all to see
A sweet personali ty gets you respect,  I’ll bet
Your loyal friends pay dividends .. in the end.. defend
your pride.. show me your beautiful mind
cause…  ‘This is your Brain on love’




Back Story:

*I grew up during the 60’s in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been a Performance Artist & Sacred Storyteller since relocating here in the late 70’s.

In the 60’s I remember watching John F. Kennedy’s assassination on TV in my junior year of high school. Something shifted in me.?

Later, and newly married i Took My first job in a factory down on Century Blvd. and remember watching the National guard tanks and foot soldiers with fixed bayonets running down the middle of the street toward Watts. A few blocks away Robert Kennedy was also shot in the head and again i shifted?!

Still later, I remember watching Dr King Jr’s passing in St Joseph’s Hospital near Memphis on April 4th. The memory is vivid as I was born in St Joseph’s Hospital in Culver city, Los Angeles on April 4th and my wife and baby boy were celebrating My 22nd birthday watching it on our Black n’ White TV…We couldn’t afford a Colored TV 😉

We loved and respected Dr King sensing he held and believed in something greater and more far reaching and prophetic than himself. We didn’t see him as a great Black man but as a great Hu Man who shared a Dream all of us could agree with. There were 23 candles on my cake that night and the flame has burned quietly in my heart since. I trust I’ve learned something about Service to Humanity since that day and endeavour to contribute in my own special way to our ‘Beloved Community’.


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