Our Ancient ~ Future

                       An Harmonic Convergence of Science & Spirituality

Reno becomes the center of the universe Oct. 4-6 for the 4th Annual Conference on the Spiritual State of the World.  A distinguished group of speakers will offer perspectives, insight, and predictions on what lies ahead for mankind.  The host of this year’s event, COSOLARGY® International, is a non-profit, non-exclusionary spiritual and educational institution based in Reno, Nevada, since 1972. The full day conference on Oct. 5 will be held at the University of Nevada in the Joe Crowley Student Union. Preview the video top right which will feature the late Chief Red hawk during my keynote presentation.



“Crossing the Great Divine” suggests the Cosmos is negotiable and we humans are learning to navigate higher planes consciously and lucidly.

My keynote Presentation this year will include practical exercises for experiencing HeartBased Feeling States which lead to Coherency within a group dynamic.

When Wayne Dyer writes..                  “We cant afford the luxury of a negative thought’ He is referring to our ‘Intentions’ contributing to the ‘Field’ which adds to the morphology of our collective. Heartmath teaches ‘Practical Intuitive Guidance Systems’ or ‘States of Ease’ (and Flow ) through Conscious Caring while Science today is closer to explaining .. “As above so Below”.


Heart-BrainPrepare to enjoy the experience of  Chanting & Drumming while feeling the Heart ~ Brain Coherence  of the group. Learn how easy it is to consciously contribute to building a more meaningful community one moment at a time and bring a friend who may be ready for an opening at this challenging & entertaining time in our Culture.



Be awed by our esteemed presenter Karl Maret M.D. speaking on Energy Medicine and Cosmology who alone is worth the price of admission.

Please feel free to click here to examine the rest of the presentations and view the Video top right for a preview of my Keynote presentation.

in loving service, jim eaglesmith






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